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On The Table. Watch this live Clam coming out from shell and licking salt on the table. How to cool down your white wine. here's a great tip to help you out.

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This guy is looking down the horizon of the #rivernile while we were heading to one #Nubian Tip: we went to the #nubian village with this faluya. .. like no matter what it is they can clam you and remind you of who you truly are and where 

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The internet is slow and has been down for a whole day of our stay, so far. at Teluk Baru near the jetty at Awana Port at the bottom south west tip of the island. for those who enjoy being close to nature and the quiet and clam surrounding.

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Idioms like 'sell someone down the river' and 'kick the bucket' are examples of Clam up. − She clammed up as soon as her teacher entered the class room. و ﻣﻌﻠﻮﻣﺎت. ﺿﺪ/ﻋﻦ. Have information on someone. Have something on someone.

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